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Art with Abrakadoodle

Success Zone / Malala -
2023 Spring

Abrakadoodle delivers the very best in visual arts classes! We offer multi-media, multicultural and STEAM-based programs. In our art classes students will experiment with a variety of art materials while they develop their imaginations and have fun learning about artists, techniques, and art styles from around the world.

Semester at a Glance:

Week Artist Lesson/Activity
1 American Elizabeth Murray Jigsaw Doodle Paint vibrant colors on puzzle type shapes and use 3 DO’s to give it a 3 dimensional look
2 Cochiti Pueblo Helen Cordero Storyteller Doodle Create a doll from clay like the people of Chochiti Pueblo in New Mexico
3 British Patrick Benson Owl Babies Doodle Draw an owl and then apply “cross hatching” to show shade or texture.
4 American Lisa Kowalski Lisa Kowalski Doodle Create a dynamic painting with freeform shapes and bold colors of the children’s choosing.
5 German Auguste Macke Auguste Macke Doodle Create a “Cubist” style artwork introducing “interposition” (one object in front of another to show distance between them).
6 Oaxacan Mexican Art Oaxacan Animals Create a colorful carved animal from clay and then personalize.
7 Nigeria Indigo Art Indigo Cloth Art Mimic the Nigerian creation of a beautiful cloth (Adire) by painting the paper and scratching a design into the paint with a stylus, called sgraffito.
8 American Charles Schulz Cartoon Faces Draw a cartoon from the Peanuts cartoon strip using simple shapes.
9 The Netherlands Vincent van Gogh Starry Night Doodle Painting the night sky with your favorite colors, stars, planets, etc.
10 Creative Inspiration: What artist and/or culture and/or story inspired you the most during the previous 9 weeks? Showcase/Artist Challenge Children will select the materials for their creative inspiration and parents will be invited to join in on the fun.


Malala Elementary
Thursdays, Feb 23 - May 4
3:45 - 4:55 PM

  No Class Mar 16


Grades   K - 5th

Full - waiting list

$ 180.00
for 10 sessions