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Launch Dance Works

Success Zone / Austin Parkway -
2022 Fall

Your children will be introduced to all major styles of dance, including ballet, jazz, lyrical, modern, and hip-hop in an upbeat and encouraging atmosphere.Classes are tailored to each school and the interest of the students in the class.

Semester at a Glance: 

Week Dance Style Lesson/Skills
1 Jazz Chassés, levels of movements (low and high), stretches, parachute activity
2 Lyrical Grand jeté, tours and continuing with previous skills, stretches, rainbow streamers activity
3 Ballet Demi plié, tendu, grand battement, changement, sauté, pirouettes, stretches, dancing with scarves
4 Modern Crab walks, horse prances, stretches, students will make up animal dances, stretches
5 Hip Hop Chassés with poses, penché, stretches, dancing with scarves
6 Musical Theatre Difference in a jazz pirouette and ballet pirouette, dance history, stretches, parachute activity
7 Modern and Student choice Repeat and review steps that students have learned, stretches, hula hoop activity
8 Preparation for Parent Showcase Students will learn choreography of a new dance and decide what they want to present
9 Preparation for Parent Showcase Students will continue practicing the choreography for the parent showcase
10 Parent Showcase Parents will be invited to see the students’ performance.
SZ-APE-4 Closed

  Launch Dance Works

Austin Parkway Elementary
Tuesdays, Sep 20 - Nov 29
3:45 - 4:30 PM

  No Class Nov 22


Ages   4 yr. - 8 yr.

$ 165.00
for 10 sessions

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