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Imagination Lab

Success Zone / Austin Parkway -
2022 Fall

Grab your lab coats and goggles and get ready for our newest program where your young scientist will explore science, engineering & technology principles with hands-on experiments.

Semester at a Glance: 

Week Theme Lesson/Activity
1 Oobleck vs. Slime This week we will find out the difference between slime and oobleck and record inferences.
2 How to Make Water Walk We’ve all walked in water and have the soggy socks and muddy feet to prove it. But have you ever seen water walk? With this fascinating science experiment, your kids will be able to see water “walk” from one cup to another.
3 Let’s Do Chemistry Creating mixing stations to find scientific practices, stability and change, matter and its interactions
4 Bouncing Polymer Ball What happens if you make a few differently sized balls? Does the size of the ball affect how the balls bounce?
5 How to Test the Strength of Shapes In this exercise, your child will learn how to test the strength of different shapes. By making their own shapes and then balancing books on top of them, they can observe how strong each shape is.
6 Explore Buoyancy Students will explore buoyancy with foil boats.
7 Learning about Chromatography In this simple science experiment using nothing more than water, markers and coffee filters, your child can separate ink into the colors used to create it.
8 Learning about Acid and Bases In this activity, students will gain an understanding of acids and bases in the presence of a chemical called anthocyanin.
9 Magical Crystal Tree Impress your friends by creating a colorful tree out of salt crystals, cardboard and a few other household items. Within a day, you’ll have a colorful snow-covered tree that seemed to magically sprout from nothing!
10 Make Your Own Ice Cream/Parent Showcase Choose your topping and flavor and make your own ice cream. Parents will be invited to the last class to join the students.
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  Challenge Island

Austin Parkway Elementary
Tuesdays, Sep 20 - Nov 29
3:45 - 4:45 PM

  No Class Nov 22


Grades   K - 4th

$ 199.00
for 10 sessions

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