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Minecraft: Adventures in Modding

Success Zone / Colony Meadows -
2022 Fall

Young coders will get a taste of coding using mods (modifications) that can be a real game-changer. Minecraft is one of the world's most popular video games because it allows the player to express their creativity in designing new worlds. Using drag and drop commands, students will see that programming takes Minecraft’s creative freedom to the next level! Learning to mod in Minecraft is the gateway to a rewarding adventure of creativity and computer skills that can be taken from video games and put in the real world.

Semester at a Glance: 

Week Project Lesson/Activity
1 Introduction to Minecraft Students learn the basics of Minecraft and controls on the keyboard.
2 Pixel Art Students learn what pixel art is and practice art skills.
3 Introduction to Mods Part 1 Students are introduced to Minecraft modding via worldedit, which allows the user to create block brushes, students practice keyboard skills.
4 Mods Part 2 Students continue using worldedit and using the selection wand.
5 Introduction to MCreator Students get to make their very first mod with MCreator! Students get to create their own custom “ingot” item.
6 Blocks in MCreator Students learn how to make their own custom block and how to change its properties.
7 Ores and Recipes in MCreator Students learn how to make custom recipes for their items and how to make blocks act and spawn as Ores.
8 Tools and Armor in MCreator Students learn how to make their own custom weapons, tools, and armor in Minecraft with their own special attributes and powers.
9 Final Project: Biome Students begin work on their final project, which is creating their own biome.
10 Final Project: Biome & Presentation Students will finish up their biomes, then present their biome and other mod elements to their parents!
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  iCode Sugar Land

Colony Meadows Elementary
Thursdays, Sep 29 - Dec 8
3:45 - 4:45 PM

  No Class Nov 24


Grades   1st - 5th

$ 220.00
for 10 sessions

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