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Building Brains

Success Zone / Cornerstone -
2022 Fall

In this LEGO Engineering class, students will use LEGO technic kits to build working machines and motorize them. Curriculum is written by an engineer and teaches the TEKS for both math and science. 

Semester at a Glance: 

Week Build Lesson/Skill/Activity
1 Lego I: Pinwheel Lego II: Sweeper Lego I: Wind Energy, friction Lego II: Friction, bevel gears, measuring
2 Lego I: Spinning Top Lego II: Fishing Rod Lego I: Gearing up, measuring Lego II: Pulleys, levers
3 Lego I: Seesaw Lego II: Free Wheeling Lego I: Levers, balance, pivot point Lego II: Wheels and axles, kinetic energy
4 Lego I: Raft Lego II: The Hammer Lego I: Wind power, buoyancy, float Lego II: Levers, cams, inclined planes
5 Lego I: Car Launcher Lego II: Trundle Wheel Lego I: Wheels and axles, measuring Lego II: Gears ratios, gearing down
6 Lego I: Measuring Car Lego II: Letter Balance Lego I: Gears, wheels, measuring, accuracy Lego II: Levers, gears, measuring
7 Lego I: Ice Hockey Player Lego II: Click Clock Lego I: Gears, motion Lego II: Gears, measuring, time
8 Lego I: Sam’s New Dog Lego II: Windmill Lego I: Pulleys, belt and wheel Lego II: Gearing up and down, renewable energy
9 Lego I: Paper Crinkler Lego II: Land Yacht Lego I: Gears Lego II: Gearing down, measuring
10 Lego I: Crane Lego II: Fly Wheel Parent Showcase Lego I: Worm gears Lego II: Gearing up, energy Parents will be invited to the last class.
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  Building Brains

Cornerstone Elementary
Thursdays, Sep 29 - Dec 8
3:45 - 4:45 PM

  No Class Nov 24


Grades   K - 5th

$ 199.00
for 10 sessions

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