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Mad Science

Success Zone / Malala -
2022 Fall

Put on your lab coats and get ready to STEM with Mad Science. Our goal is to make science fun, relatable and easy to learn! Every week we will explore a different science topic with experiments and exciting discussions that will be guided by a specially trained Mad Scientist.

Semester at a Glance:

Week Theme Lesson/Activity
1 Animals Students will learn what animals eat, how they adapt to their environments and protect themselves and how they communicate.
2 Get Connected Students will learn about vibrations, how sound travels, signals and different devices.
3 Mix it Up Students will learn how learn about different mixtures, their properties and molecules.
4 Life in the Sea Students will learn about the ocean and all the animals that live in different parts of the ocean.
5 Radical Robots Students will learn about robots and their actions.
6 Space Phenomena Students will learn about asteroids, meteoroids, comets, and space objects.
7 Living in Space Students will learn about life as an astronaut.
8 Planets and Moons Students will learn about our solar system.
9 Suns and Stars Students will learn about our galaxy, sun, and constellation.
10 Space Travel Parent Showcase Students will learn about the main parts of a rocket. Parents will also be invited to attend the last day of class.
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  Mad Science

Malala Elementary
Wednesdays, Sep 21 - Nov 30
3:45 - 4:45 PM

  No Class Nov 23


Grades   K - 5th

$ 209.00
for 10 sessions

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