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Chess with the Knight School

Success Zone / Sienna Crossing -
2022 Fall

The Knight School has perfected the after-school chess class and is sweeping the nation with this hilarious, kid-focused, amazingly cool approach to chess.Our coaches have a vast amount of experience teaching their students to become excellent chess players, emphasizing a highly aggressive strategy and our tactics-based curriculum.

Week Lesson and Band Color Lesson
1 Welcome to TKS and Identifying (rainbow/white) Chess Basics: moves, values and names
2 Checkmating (yellow) Check vs. Checkmate and The Law of the Splatter
3 Scholar’s Mate (tan) The Four-Move Checkmate
4 Forking (magenta) Attacking 2+ pieces with one move
5 Developing (orange) Follow the Golden Rule of Chess – Develop your Piece
6 Pin and Exploit (tangerine) First pin a piece, then exploit the fun
7 X-Raying (red) Line up their pieces and attack their king
8 Skewering (lime) Line up their king and queen
9 Ladder-Mating (green) Compress ‘em against the wall
10 Showcase Parents will be welcome to join the last class to watch or jump in and join on the bead-tourney
SZ-SCE-5 Closed

  The Knight School

Sienna Crossing Elementary
Wednesdays, Sep 21 - Nov 30
3:45 - 4:55 PM

  No Class Nov 23


Grades   K - 5th

$ 210.00
for 10 sessions

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