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  • Art with Abrakadoodle

    Abrakadoodle delivers the very best in visual arts classes! We offer multi-media, multicultural and STEAM-based programs. In our art classes students will experiment with a variety of art materials while they develop their imaginations and have fun learning about artists, techniques, and art styles from around the world. Semester at a Glance: Week Artist Lesson/Activity 1 American Elizabeth Murray Jigsaw Doodle Paint vibrant colors on puzzle type shapes and use 3 DO’s to give it a 3 dimensional look 2 Cochiti Pueblo Helen Cordero Storyteller Doodle Create a doll from clay like the people of Chochiti Pueblo in New Mexico 3 British Patrick Benson Owl Babies Doodle Draw an owl and then apply “cross hatching” to show shade or texture. 4 American Lisa Kowalski Lisa Kowalski Doodle Create a dynamic painting with freeform shapes and bold colors of the children’s choosing. 5 German Auguste Macke Auguste Macke Doodle Create a “Cubist” style artwork introducing “interposition” (one object in front of another to show distance between them). 6 Oaxacan Mexican Art Oaxacan Animals Create a colorful carved animal from clay and then personalize. 7 Nigeria Indigo Art Indigo Cloth Art Mimic the Nigerian creation of a beautiful cloth (Adire) by painting the paper and scratching a design into the paint with a stylus, called sgraffito. 8 American Charles Schulz Cartoon Faces Draw a cartoon from the Peanuts cartoon strip using simple shapes. 9 The Netherlands Vincent van Gogh Starry Night Doodle Painting the night sky with your favorite colors, stars, planets, etc. 10 Creative Inspiration: What artist and/or culture and/or story inspired you the most during the previous 9 weeks? Showcase/Artist Challenge Children will select the materials for their creative inspiration and parents will be invited to join in on the fun.
  • Basketball

    Little Ballerz Basketball is an educational services after-school program aimed at teaching young people important life skills and key fundamentals for basketball. Semester at a Glance: Week Skills Lesson/Activity 1 Dribbling, chest passes and defensive stances Discuss class expectations, focus techniques, calisthenics, practice daily skills 2 Dribbling, layups, defensive stances Focus techniques, calisthenics, practice daily skills 3 Dribbling, passes, jump shots, defensive shuffle Discuss why focus is important in life, calisthenics, practice daily skills 4 Figure 8 Discuss what effort takes, calisthenics, practice daily skills 5 Figure 8 competition Establish a great attitude, calisthenics, practice daily skills 6 Passing, jump shooting, man defense principles Brining a great attitude to school and practice, calisthenics, practice daily skills 7 Jump stop and shot, man defense principles Discuss mindfulness, calisthenics, practice daily skills 8 Layup with contact, 2-3 defense principles Discuss good sportsmanship, calisthenics, practice daily skills 9 Layup with contact, 2-3 defense principles Discuss a mindset of gratitude, calisthenics, practice daily skills 10 Skills Challenge Parent Showcase Develop appreciation for team and opponent. Parents will be invited to attend the last class to see all the skills that the students learned.
  • Chess with the Knight School

    The Knight School has perfected the after-school chess class and is sweeping the nation with this hilarious, kid-focused, amazingly cool approach to chess.Our coaches have a vast amount of experience teaching their students to become excellent chess players, emphasizing a highly aggressive strategy and our tactics-based curriculum. Semester at a Glance: Week Lesson and Band Color Lesson 1 Welcome to TKS and Identifying (rainbow/white) Chess Basics: moves, values and names 2 Checkmating (yellow) Check vs. Checkmate and The Law of the Splatter 3 Scholar’s Mate (tan) The Four-Move Checkmate 4 Forking (magenta) Attacking 2+ pieces with one move 5 Developing (orange) Follow the Golden Rule of Chess – Develop your Piece 6 Pin and Exploit (tangerine) First pin a piece, then exploit the fun 7 X-Raying (red) Line up their pieces and attack their king 8 Skewering (lime) Line up their king and queen 9 Ladder-Mating (green) Compress ‘em against the wall 10 Showcase Parents will be welcome to join the last class to watch or jump in and join on the bead-tourney
  • Cooking & Baking 101

    Each week students learn basic cooking skills using a variety of recipes from sweet to savory, dinner to dessert.Classes reinforce literacy, math, science, nutrition and social skills, while exploring diverse foods.This is an eight-week class and accommodates nut allergies only. Semester at a Glance: Week Recipe Lesson/Skills 1 Bruschetta Knife skills, chiffonading, using herbs, whisking 2 Chicken Enchiladas Shredding, chopping, using herbs, assembling 3 Challah Scoop and level, measuring, kneading, brushing 4 Shakshuka Knife skills, sauté, egg cracking 5 Couscous Salad Knife skills, juicing, emulsifying, mixing 6 Edible cookie dough bites Scoop and level, creaming, mixing, rolling 7 Honey Cornbread/Compound Butter Scoop and level, measuring, whisking, whipping 8 Student’s Choice/ Showcase Parents will be invited to the last class to sample two of the recipes made by their child.
  • Piano 101

    The world of music is a beautiful place. In Piano 101 students will learn how to play the keyboard while having fun. All equipment will be provided during class. Week Skills Lesson/Activity 1 Keys on the Piano Students will be introduced to the Middle C and piano finger numbers 2 Music Alphabet, Finger Placement Students will learn the value of the Middle C and finger placement 3 Hearing Various Keystrokes Students will learn a basic warm up and learn how to listen for different keystrokes. 4 Song Introduction Students will be introduced to a song and learn the different keystrokes. 5 Learning Notes Students will continue with their warmups and learn notes. 6 Song Introduction Students will be introduced to another song, learn the different keystrokes, and continue practicing the other songs. 7 Song Introduction Students will be introduced to another song, learn the different keystrokes, and continue practicing the other songs. 8 Song Introduction Students will be introduced to another song, learn the different keystrokes, and continue practicing the other songs. 9 Preparation for Recital Students will select which song they will perform. 10 Recital Day Parents will be invited to the last class to see their students perform.