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  • Adult Classes

    With the District's Community Education Program, we are excited that members of our community will now be able to set examples for our students by becoming life-long learners themselves. From recreational activities to learning a new language, we believe there is something for everyone. So whether you are a parent, grandparent, former student or new member of the community, we welcome you and invite you to participate in our classes. We hope our program demonstrates our commitment to the community that we serve, as we know that our community members are truly partners in everything we do! Registration for classes will close three days prior the start of class.
  • High School Classes

    As part of the District's Profile of a Graduate, FBISD is continuously working to develop graduates who have a strong academic foundation and prepare them to be ready for their post-secondary ventures. Through our Community Education Program, we provide several classes including seminars to prepare our students for the ACT/SAT Exam. Registration for classes will close three days prior to the start of class.