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  • Cooking & Baking 101

    Each week students learn basic cooking skills using a variety of recipes from sweet to savory, dinner to dessert.Classes reinforce literacy, math, science, nutrition and social skills, while exploring diverse foods.This is an eight-week class and accommodates nut allergies only. Semester at a Glance: Week Recipe Lesson/Skills 1 Vegetable Tortilla Roll Ups Knife skills, mixing, assembling 2 Matcha Green Tea White Chocolate Cookies Scoop and level, measuring, mixing, creaming butter and sugar 3 Lasagna Rolls Knife skills, mixing, spreading, assembling, using herbs 4 Banana Stuffed French Toast Knife skills, egg cracking, whisking, spreading, assembling, skillet skills 5 Individual Seven Layer Dip Mixing, knife skills, seasoning, layering, presentation 6 Pumpkin Pastries Working with pastry, mixing, smell and tell spices, assembling 7 Raw Fall Salad Knife skills, making a vinaigrette, juicing lemons, measuring, mixing 8 Student’s Choice/ Showcase Parents will be invited to the last class to sample two of the recipes made by their child.
  • Yoga

    Your student will be introduced to child-centered yoga which will improve their focus and help direct their energy. Classes will focus on breathing, stretching and poses. New poses will be introduced each week, building upon previously learned material. Fun games and stories are also incorporated. Semester at a Glance: Week Theme Yoga Poses 1 Calm Down Yoga Hero, tree, chair, downward dog, warrior 2 2 Ocean Yoga Locust, dolphin, crab, jellyfish, turtle 3 Superhero Yoga Warrior 1, warrior 2, warrior 3, donkey kick, half moon 4 Insect and Bug Yoga Lady bug, snail, bee, butterfly, frog 5 Garden Yoga Tree, frog, seed, flower, shrub 6 Spring Yoga Mountain, tree, bird, rain, planting 7 ABC Yoga Letter poses A-E 8 Balance Mountain, tree, half moon, warrior 3, chair 9 Sun Salutation Sky, jellyfish, sandcastle, dolphin, plank 10 Parent Showcase Parents will be invited to join students for a yoga session.
  • Building Brains

    In this LEGO Engineering class, students will use LEGO technic kits to build working machines and motorize them. Curriculum is written by an engineer and teaches the TEKS for both math and science. Semester at a Glance: Week Build Lesson/Skill/Activity 1 Lego I: Pinwheel Lego II: Sweeper Lego I: Wind Energy, friction Lego II: Friction, bevel gears, measuring 2 Lego I: Spinning Top Lego II: Fishing Rod Lego I: Gearing up, measuring Lego II: Pulleys, levers 3 Lego I: Seesaw Lego II: Free Wheeling Lego I: Levers, balance, pivot point Lego II: Wheels and axles, kinetic energy 4 Lego I: Raft Lego II: The Hammer Lego I: Wind power, buoyancy, float Lego II: Levers, cams, inclined planes 5 Lego I: Car Launcher Lego II: Trundle Wheel Lego I: Wheels and axles, measuring Lego II: Gears ratios, gearing down 6 Lego I: Measuring Car Lego II: Letter Balance Lego I: Gears, wheels, measuring, accuracy Lego II: Levers, gears, measuring 7 Lego I: Ice Hockey Player Lego II: Click Clock Lego I: Gears, motion Lego II: Gears, measuring, time 8 Lego I: Sam’s New Dog Lego II: Windmill Lego I: Pulleys, belt and wheel Lego II: Gearing up and down, renewable energy 9 Lego I: Paper Crinkler Lego II: Land Yacht Lego I: Gears Lego II: Gearing down, measuring 10 Lego I: Crane Lego II: Fly Wheel Parent Showcase Lego I: Worm gears Lego II: Gearing up, energy Parents will be invited to the last class.
  • Basketball

    Little Ballerz Basketball is an educational services after-school program aimed at teaching young people important life skills and key fundamentals for basketball. Semester at a Glance: Week Skills Lesson/Activity 1 Dribbling, chest passes and defensive stances Discuss class expectations, focus techniques, calisthenics, practice daily skills 2 Dribbling, layups, defensive stances Focus techniques, calisthenics, practice daily skills 3 Dribbling, passes, jump shots, defensive shuffle Discuss why focus is important in life, calisthenics, practice daily skills 4 Figure 8 Discuss what effort takes, calisthenics, practice daily skills 5 Figure 8 competition Establish a great attitude, calisthenics, practice daily skills 6 Passing, jump shooting, man defense principles Brining a great attitude to school and practice, calisthenics, practice daily skills 7 Jump stop and shot, man defense principles Discuss mindfulness, calisthenics, practice daily skills 8 Layup with contact, 2-3 defense principles Discuss good sportsmanship, calisthenics, practice daily skills 9 Layup with contact, 2-3 defense principles Discuss a mindset of gratitude, calisthenics, practice daily skills 10 Skills Challenge Parent Showcase Develop appreciation for team and opponent. Parents will be invited to attend the last class to see all the skills that the students learned.
  • Soccer Shots

    Soccer Shots is an engaging children’s soccer program with a focus on character development.Our caring team positively impacts children’s lives both on and off the field through best-in-class coaching, communication and curriculum. Week Skill/Word of the Day Lesson 1 Word of the day: Respect Skill: Control, Dribbling, Changing speeds, Touches 3 rules, warm up, new skill, skill review, fun game, score a goal, scrimmage 2 Word of the day: Confidence Skill: Pull back, L-move 3 rules, warm up, new skill, skill review, fun game, score a goal, scrimmage 3 Word of the day: Determination Skill: Inside/Outside Chop 3 rules, warm up, new skill, skill review, fun game, score a goal, scrimmage progression 4 Word of the day: Honesty Skill: Shooting/ Striking 3 rules, warm up, new skill, skill review, fun game, score a goal, scrimmage 5 Word of the day: Sportsmanship Skill: Shielding and Possession 3 rules, warm up, new skill, skill review, fun game, score a goal, scrimmage 6 Word of the day: Sharing Skill: Passing and Trapping 3 rules, warm up, new skill, skill review, fun game, score a goal, scrimmage progression 7 Word of the day: Encouragement Skill: Defense 3 rules, warm up, new skill, skill review, fun game, score a goal, scrimmage 8 Word of the day: Leadership Skill: Goalie 3 rules, warm up, new skill, skill review, fun game, score a goal, scrimmage 9 Word of the day: Patience Skill: Fake shot/kick 3 rules, warm up, new skill, skill review, fun game, score a goal, scrimmage progression 10 Word of the day: Commitment Skill: Zig Zag Awards Ceremony 3 rules, warm up, new skill, skill review, fun game, score a goal, scrimmage. Parents will be invited to the last class to see the awards ceremony.
  • Art with Abrakadoodle

    Abrakadoodle delivers the very best in visual arts classes! We offer multi-media, multicultural and STEAM-based programs. In our art classes students will experiment with a variety of art materials while they develop their imaginations and have fun learning about artists, techniques, and art styles from around the world. Semester at a Glance: Week Artist Lesson/Activity 1 Dutch Rembrandt van Rijn Rembrandt Doodle Paint a self-portrait using acrylic paint 2 Dutch Artist Piet Mondrian Label Mix Up Doodle Draw a Mondrian-like tree and rearrange using labels 3 French Artist Paul Gauguin Paul Gauguin Orange Doodle Create a still life using mixed media 4 African American Artist Kara Walker Kara Walker Doodle Create a movable figure using paper silhouettes 5 American Artist Darryl Norem Darryl Norem Doodle Create dimensional landscapes using watercolor 6 American Artist Roberta Daar Roberta Daar Wall Sculpture Doodle Create a wall sculpture using shapes 7 African American Patrick Davis Patrick Davis Tree of Life Doodle Create a tree sculpture using clay 8 Nature inspiration Ladybugs and Friends Doodle Create ladybugs in their habitat using mixed media 9 Haiti Houses Project Inspiration Haiti Houses Doodle Design miniature houses 10 Creative Inspiration: What artist or nature element inspired you most? Showcase/Artist Challenge Children will select the materials for their creative inspiration and parents will be invited to join in on the fun.
  • Imagination Lab

    Grab your lab coats and goggles and get ready for our newest program where your young scientist will explore science, engineering & technology principles with hands-on experiments. Semester at a Glance: Week Theme Lesson/Activity 1 Oobleck vs. Slime This week we will find out the difference between slime and oobleck and record inferences. 2 How to Make Water Walk We’ve all walked in water and have the soggy socks and muddy feet to prove it. But have you ever seen water walk? With this fascinating science experiment, your kids will be able to see water “walk” from one cup to another. 3 Let’s Do Chemistry Creating mixing stations to find scientific practices, stability and change, matter and its interactions 4 Bouncing Polymer Ball What happens if you make a few differently sized balls? Does the size of the ball affect how the balls bounce? 5 How to Test the Strength of Shapes In this exercise, your child will learn how to test the strength of different shapes. By making their own shapes and then balancing books on top of them, they can observe how strong each shape is. 6 Explore Buoyancy Students will explore buoyancy with foil boats. 7 Learning about Chromatography In this simple science experiment using nothing more than water, markers and coffee filters, your child can separate ink into the colors used to create it. 8 Learning about Acid and Bases In this activity, students will gain an understanding of acids and bases in the presence of a chemical called anthocyanin. 9 Magical Crystal Tree Impress your friends by creating a colorful tree out of salt crystals, cardboard and a few other household items. Within a day, you’ll have a colorful snow-covered tree that seemed to magically sprout from nothing! 10 Make Your Own Ice Cream/Parent Showcase Choose your topping and flavor and make your own ice cream. Parents will be invited to the last class to join the students.