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  • Chess with the Knight School

    The Knight School has perfected the after-school chess class and is sweeping the nation with this hilarious, kid-focused, amazingly cool approach to chess.Our coaches have a vast amount of experience teaching their students to become excellent chess players, emphasizing a highly aggressive strategy and our tactics-based curriculum. Week Lesson and Band Color Lesson 1 Welcome to TKS and Identifying (rainbow/white) Chess Basics: moves, values and names 2 Checkmating (yellow) Check vs. Checkmate and The Law of the Splatter 3 Scholar’s Mate (tan) The Four-Move Checkmate 4 Forking (magenta) Attacking 2+ pieces with one move 5 Developing (orange) Follow the Golden Rule of Chess – Develop your Piece 6 Pin and Exploit (tangerine) First pin a piece, then exploit the fun 7 X-Raying (red) Line up their pieces and attack their king 8 Skewering (lime) Line up their king and queen 9 Ladder-Mating (green) Compress ‘em against the wall 10 Showcase Parents will be welcome to join the last class to watch or jump in and join on the bead-tourney
  • STEAM Tank Entrepreneur

    Calling all innovative and inventive kids to an adventure in STEAM and entrepreneurship! You and your team will design, create, and open a new business this semester. Semester at a Glance: Weeks Theme Lesson/Activity 1 & 2 Pizzeria Entrepreneur Build your own pizza business by designing your logo, menu, and pizza oven. Calculate your profit and learn more about being an entrepreneur. 3 & 4 Sweet Entrepreneur Do you love candy and want to open a candy store? Learn about the business model, how to advertise and then design and build your own candy dispenser! 5 & 6 Pet Entrepreneur This is a must for all future Veterinarians. Students will design a spa and grooming business for your furry friends and develop a business plan on how to open your own pet grooming business. 7 & 8 Slime Entrepreneur We all love slime! Brainstorm different recipes for your slime business and special containers and then develop a plan to sell your brand specific slime in the stores. 9 & 10 Haunted Entrepreneur/Parent Showcase Design, build and test your very own haunted house. Add attractions, rides and more to get more traffic at your location. Parents will be invited to the last class to join the students.