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  • Art with Abrakadoodle

    Abrakadoodle delivers the very best in visual arts classes! We offer multi-media, multicultural and STEAM-based programs. In our art classes students will experiment with a variety of art materials while they develop their imaginations and have fun learning about artists, techniques, and art styles from around the world. Semester at a Glance: Week Artist Lesson/Activity 1 Dutch Rembrandt van Rijn Rembrandt Doodle Paint a self-portrait using acrylic paint 2 Dutch Artist Piet Mondrian Label Mix Up Doodle Draw a Mondrian-like tree and rearrange using labels 3 French Artist Paul Gauguin Paul Gauguin Orange Doodle Create a still life using mixed media 4 African American Artist Kara Walker Kara Walker Doodle Create a movable figure using paper silhouettes 5 American Artist Darryl Norem Darryl Norem Doodle Create dimensional landscapes using watercolor 6 American Artist Roberta Daar Roberta Daar Wall Sculpture Doodle Create a wall sculpture using shapes 7 African American Patrick Davis Patrick Davis Tree of Life Doodle Create a tree sculpture using clay 8 Nature inspiration Ladybugs and Friends Doodle Create ladybugs in their habitat using mixed media 9 Haiti Houses Project Inspiration Haiti Houses Doodle Design miniature houses 10 Creative Inspiration: What artist or nature element inspired you most? Showcase/Artist Challenge Children will select the materials for their creative inspiration and parents will be invited to join in on the fun.
  • Challenge Island STEM Adventures

    Each week students will be transported to a unique thematic island to tackle high-level thinking challenges using only their imagination and creativity.Every challenge experience is unique, fun-infused STEM/STEAM learning fun!Challenges vary from semester to semester. Semester at a Glance: Week Theme Lesson/Activity 1 Jukebox Spin Explore mechanical engineering by learning about the jukebox design, identify parts of a spinner, design spinners using different materials 2 Pet Emergency Learn about veterinarians and other careers, understanding wheels and axles, experiment with different types of wheels 3 Sinking of the Titanic Learn about the Titanic and design innovation, use a model to visualize a design and test the performance 4 Jellyfish Junction Investigate the results of mixing substances together, understand properties of slime as a polymer and non-Newtonian fluid 5 Magic School Bus Stop Enjoy a fictional exploration of the organs and their functions, design and build a table-top magic school bus pinball game 6 Wicked Witch Twist Students will learn about tornadoes, the Enhanced Fujita Scale, and about architectural designs to minimize wind damage 7 Blow-cart Beach Students will use creative and critical thinking skills to build blow-carts 8 Mythical Monster Swamp Students will create Greek mythological creatures out of recycled materials 9 Temple of Trouble Students will learn about gravity, velocity, acceleration and ancient cultures. Students will then design their own temple of trouble and create traps and courses. 10 Wizardry Academy/Parent Showcase Parents will be invited to the last class and engage in observing, investigating and facilitating chemical reactions with potions and making magical candies.